Kayak Tours

Get kayaking on Haida Gwaii for under $100!


Kayak tours are priced per person, as well as by duration.   We recommend bringing a lunch but will supplement with wild foods during tours.


2-3 hours of kayaking through the Yakoun River  and Yakoun River estuary or through the Kumdis bird sanctuary.  $50.00

4-6 hour half day kayaking from Juskatla camp to reverse falls, through Juskatla Narrows, or up into the Kumdis Sleugh.  $75.00

8-10 hour full day of kayaking from Port Clements to Juskatla Camp, from Masset to Port Clements, from Port Clements around Kumdis island, from Juskatla Camp around Juskatla Inlet, or from Juskatla camp to the Dawson Islets.


We also offer tours of river and lake systems.

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